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Welcome to Browning

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The Browning School is built around the idea that relationships are the key to a boy’s success.

Ours is a learning community where faculty members reach out to meet their students’ needs and respond to a boy’s passions and talents. We foster a climate in which boys are both known and loved—where they are seen and heard, given both freedom and boundaries, and consistently encouraged to find lasting meaning in their education. 

Academic achievement blooms when boys feel respected, encouraged, and pushed as learners. Our teachers demand high standards, allowing our boys to deepen their love of learning. We are proud to have an academic program that offers boys of all ages both challenge and engagement, invites them to think deeply and communicate clearly, and takes them on a transformative journey into the world of ideas. 

Great boys’ schools give the distinctive joys, concerns, and complexities of boyhood the attention and respect they deserve. At Browning, we intentionally cultivate deep relationships that take boys’ intellectual and emotional experiences seriously. I invite you to explore the ways in which our school knows, loves and challenges our boys so that they may grow into the excellent students, dedicated friends, and decent men whose lives will influence others for the better.

Dr. John M. Botti
Head of School


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About Browning

At the Browning School, we put the development of boys at the heart of everything we do. Since 1888, we have been committed to boys’ education and we remain unsurpassed in our commitment to using research-based methods to teach our students.  

Our faculty are both teachers and scholars of boys, and inspire our young men to find themselves in intellectual accomplishment and moral integrity. Our commitment to understanding boys manifests itself in programming that emphasizes character education, service learning, critical thinking, and the practical application of knowledge.

Our school’s culture and practice speak to the deepest needs, desires, and abilities of boys seeking to lead lives of significance. Central to that is our focus on forming deep relationships with and between our students. We believe that when students are known and valued, real academic excellence will occur. 

We thank you for your interest and invite you to explore the ways in which a Browning education stands apart. 


Mission Statement and Values

The Browning School fosters growth of courageous and compassionate men of intellect and integrity who aspire to contribute meaningfully to our world.


The Browning gentleman develops amid a community that upholds these values…



We speak the truth, act with integrity and take responsibility for our actions.



We encourage and celebrate open-minded inquiry about our world and the perspectives of those around us.



We honor and celebrate the dignity of all people and support the power of a diverse, inclusive and welcoming community.



We believe that education encourages exploration and discovery in pursuit of meaning and enduring fulfillment.